Tuesday, August 28, 2007

taking lessons

ann-marie was so kind as to have me over for a blogging tutorial. who would have thought something that seemed so simple could have so many cool options...this could be really fun! this is not an interesting post...just a practice one, with a few good pictures too. ps...we did realize my problem was that i had been using safari, which is lousy for blogging...so now i'm on to bigger & better things...firefox!

you've got to love the way a baby's butt sticks up when they are sleeping...this is my favorite baby sleep position...love it!

annalea doing double duty (calla on the left, brooke applequist on the right)

greta girl

Monday, August 27, 2007

trying to figure this thing out!

i can't quite seem to figure out how to work this...especially how to post the pictures...how do i move them around? i'm going to experiment here. is there a way to make "captions"? and how do i rotate pictures...is that possible? if anyone wants to give some sort of tutorial, i think i need some help! i can't seem to move these pictures or write captions...so here are some pics...enjoy them!

on friday night we went out to wildfire for dinner with hil, greg, lisa, scott, beth & paul. it was our "last supper" out together. it was so fun & yet again reminds us how much we love our family & close friends...and how very sad we will be when we leave them. it's hard saying good bye. the last few days have been spent tearing up over anything & everything...i guess we just get used to this being how the last week and a half will be spent! we sure are going to miss you all. here are some pics hil sent to us from friday night.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Are we really doing this?

well...it appears the time has come & the time is now...we are going to be bloggers! we (what am i talking about...I) have been thinking about doing this for awhile but now that we are moving it seems like the right time. i'm sure we'll post pictures on here but i think those of you who receive our shutterfly pictures can still look forward to those! :)

a quick update on life...
on september 5th we plan to move from chicago to corvallis, oregon where mike will begin grad school in engineering. we are making a trip out of the move...spending some time with friends in minnesota, taking in a national park or two, visiting my sister in idaho, introducing calla to family in portland she has yet to meet & landing in corvallis around october 1st. we have a place to live, but we have yet to secure jobs so pray for us as we figure out how we are going to make things work. we trust that things will work out, but we'd be lying if we said it wasn't scary. we are scared to leave family, scared if we won't like it, scared if we can't find jobs...yet at the same time we look forward to pushing ourselves & experiencing life outside of chicago. and we remind ourselves that we might love corvallis...we'll wait & see.

i need to figure out how to work this thing so i'm going to try adding some pictures...we'll see if it works. if the pictures work...they are some favorites from the summer. calla being sweet, greta at american girl & then a family photo from mike's muddy buddy race.