Sunday, December 4, 2011

it is time.

it's time to get this thing going again. why now? well, i need a place to track all the funny stories about our kids and i don't want to start forgetting them. so, if anyone out there is still checking this blog- can't imagine anyone is, but you never know- you are in luck. today i'm sharing one of my new favorite kid stories.

we were in chicago for 10 days over thanksgiving. a wonderful time was had by all. lots of time with family, and mainly a lot of cousin time for the kids. it was a great time with everyone. we always feel very thankful for how much we enjoy being with our families, and this trip was no exception.

on to the story....

greta & maja were playing one day, and all of a sudden the conversation turned to...

maja- "greta, only baby boys have penises"
greta- "maja, no. big boys have penises too"
maja- "no, greta. only baby boys have penises"
greta- "no, maja. it's not just baby boys, grown up boys have penises too"
maja- "no, greta. just baby boys have penises"
they proceed to run upstairs, where greta runs to find mike.
greta- "dad. you need to come to the bathroom with me & maja right now so you can PROVE to maja that big boys have penises too."
mike- "that is not happening."

yes, folks. there you have it. an amazing anatomy lesson from one 7 year old to another.