Monday, March 23, 2009

gorgeous hookers

this is really a two part blog post, but i couldn't help the title.

for whatever reason prayer time with greta has become a very sweet and also often hilarious thing.  she always wants to pray for maja & all her friends and family.  then we have nights where we wander into praying for all sorts of things- her bed, her nightgown (she only wears nightgowns- she is girly to the maximum), etc.  one night she was looking around in her room for things to pray for.  "i pray for my pillow, my covers, my books, my door, the walls, the hookers...(anything said after that was not heard by me)"  i'm pretty sure if you're reading this you are thinking what i'm thinking- "the hookers!!?!?!?!"  she had me in stitches with that one and i asked her what the hookers are, to which she quickly responded, "mom, they are the hooks on the walls.  you know, the hookers."  right- how did i never realize those hooks on the walls were in fact hookers?  

and gorgeous is just her new word for everything and it makes her sound so grown up- it kills me.  we were coloring today and she kept stopping me to say, "mom, i love the way you colored the prince's crown- it's gorgeous."  or last night at dinner when scarlet was sitting in her thrown  and greta said, "scarlet- your chair is gorgeous."  everything is gorgeous these days and i love it.  she is a little lady.

i just hope she doesn't put together the two and start referring to her "gorgeous hookers"- i'll save that one for my blog title! 

cee-cee and sas-see

for the past several months calla has been working on her vocabulary.  it broadens daily, but a few words have stayed the same: cee-cee and sas-see.  when it's time for a nap, for bed, for comfort - calla is quick to say her two favorite words: cee-cee and sas-see, translated to blankie & paci (pacifier).  it makes me wonder if that is what she hears us say.  when we say, "calla, time for bed- let's get blankie & paci" does she really hear- "calla, time for bed- let's get cee-cee & sas-see"? and now the question is, since those words have stuck- do we start referring to them as cee-cee and sas-see?  i'm thinking yes. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

happy birthday lady

it was calla's birthday on tuesday, march 10th. she turned two. T-W-O! it's so hard to believe it's been two years. march 23rd is my dad's 60th birthday & also the two year anniversary of the day calla came home from the hospital. how thankful we are that she is a healthy, vibrant, growing, loving, head strong, determined, giving, giggling two year old girl.

just a reminder of what we had two years ago

mike, greta, sarah & calla (bathing in the "sun")

and now!

we love our girls and this week we are celebrating calla. dinner with friends on tuesday night & a family party on sunday. happy birthday big girl!

Monday, March 2, 2009

resurrecting the blog!

it's time to get back to blogging! we have been running around like crazy, but i realize that is just life. since my last post (way back in november!) we have been to seattle a few times for maggie's shower & wedding, in new hampshire for christmas & new years with the johnson family, the applequist family came out to oregon for a visit, we had mike & greta's birthdays, a weekend to mcminnville with the halversons & carlsons, several trips to portland- and calla's 2nd birthday is next week! it's been a fun-filled few months. greta started ballet (she now wants to be a ballerina when she grows up), both girls started music class, and calla is soon going to be able to do her own gymnastics class. we go every week for greta & calla just sits there DYING to run out and do all the stunts. when she turns 2 she gets to go- it's so soon!

calla is clearly stubborn & her new favorite words are "mine" and "no, me" (as in, leave me alone- i want to do this myself, especially when she's getting dressed- she wants NO help!). she is also a total riot and cracks up herself & us all the time. greta has decided that along with being a ballerina she wants to be an artist, which she daily shows us with her art projects & coloring within the lines (with the "right" colors for each part of the picture). she could spend hours coloring. they both want to climb on the furniture every chance they get, which finds me nervous at times they are going to hurt themselves, but i love that they are willing to try crazy things. greta practices her "handstands" all the time & calla can be found mimicking pretty much everything greta does. we love our little girls!

we'll post stories soon, but that is life in a nutshell!

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