Saturday, November 1, 2008

i could not make these things up

when i was putting greta to bed tonight we were doing our nightly prayers. it was the usual, "pray for my owies and maja's owies", "pray for all my friends," then greta stopped to ask, "mom, where do Jesus and all the angels live?" here is the rest of our conversation:

me - where do you think they live?
greta- the circus?
me- (composing myself since i wanted to laugh outloud) no- they don't live in the circus, do you have any other ideas?
greta- in town?
me- no, they don't live in town.
greta- do they live with the lions?
me- (again holding back laughter) no, do you want me to tell you where they live?
greta- whisper it in my ear.
(to which i whispered- they live in heaven).
greta- mom, can we go there someday?
me- yes, greta, we can go there someday, but not until we're very old.
greta- and calla, she will come with us too.

this little conversation ranged in emotions for me. i was hiding my laughter in the beginning and then sitting there praying silent prayers that my girls grow old. i just sit here in disbelief at how much i love my girls and my family. we have been S-I-C-K around here (think being up all night long throwing up Xs 3 nights = not fun!) and even though being housebound with sickies is not all that fun, i love the sickies i'm housebound with.