Thursday, November 15, 2007

the big 3-0!

this past weekend was my 30th birthday. mike took the girls to my parents for the weekend & i spent the weekend with good friends in the Columbia River Gorge area. maggie & ingrid drove down from seattle, kara from vancouver bc & we picked carolyn up in salem on our way to portland. we had an awesome weekend together & it made me thankful for good friends. I think the highlight of the trip was our "spa" experience. we went to a mineral spa & it was pretty hilarious. we took group mineral baths, group body wraps & yes, the massages were only separated by curtains, so you could say those were "group" massages too. it was quite the hilarious, we were all dying laughing the whole time. we decided it was the strangest place any of us had odd. here are some pictures from the spa & from dinner out in hood river (super cute town) and multnomah falls....thanks girls for a fabulous weekend! and i can't forget to give a BIG thanks to mike for watching our girls & also throwing me a surprise dinner. you are a wonderful husband...i love you.

the sign out front was deceiving of what we would find inside...

below is the board that gave you a picture of your massage therapist...has anyone ever seen something like that before?
here are the mineral baths...

just in case you wanted a close up of the tubs

and here we are getting body wraps...if only we had pictures of the massage tables

multnomah falls

dinner in hood river- thanks girls!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 update

mike took greta, scarlet & calla to the park on sunday while i showed violet around town. greta made a new friend, willow. they were playing when willow asked, "why does that baby [calla] have a grape on her head?" i think from here on out we are going to refer to calla's bump as a grape. it was too cute. on the flip side there were kids at the library yesterday who were scared when they saw it...that was a first & pretty sad. sad that it would be scary. who could be scared of a grape? :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007


why is it that baby pictures are so much cuter in the nude? calla has had some horrible diaper rash and thus has spent a lot of time airing out...which calls for lots of naked pictures! calla has also learned to sit up (not completely upright, but it's better than the teetering she did before) and she is this close to crawling! greta didn't learn to sit up until after she started crawling. she also crawled at 7 months & calla is almost 8 months so she is a little behind...but she was born earlier than greta so they are about even! anyway, thought i would share the cute naked pictures. and a halloween picture of the fairy/butterfly sisters. greta went back & forth when people would ask her what she was. half the time she said butterfly, the other half fairy. so does that make her a butterfly fairy? whatever she was...she was pretty stinking cute!