Wednesday, November 7, 2007 update

mike took greta, scarlet & calla to the park on sunday while i showed violet around town. greta made a new friend, willow. they were playing when willow asked, "why does that baby [calla] have a grape on her head?" i think from here on out we are going to refer to calla's bump as a grape. it was too cute. on the flip side there were kids at the library yesterday who were scared when they saw it...that was a first & pretty sad. sad that it would be scary. who could be scared of a grape? :)


simplicity said...

my parents used to call it a strawberry on my sister.

sad to hear someone would be afraid, i hope that the parents helped explain.

melissa said...

sad that so many people are afraid of things that cannot hurt them. that they cannot 'catch'. that we stay away from touching, hugging, feeling, but walk by people with our eyes averted when there are things that make us uncomfortable. i observed this so often when i worked at a homeless shelter and helped volunteers get acclimated to their responsibilities. thanks for this reminder to be sensitive to all the 'grapes' we see. :)

Hilde said...

Hi Sarah, Mike, Greta and Calla, I have enjoyed hearing and seeing your adventures and had to comment when I saw the picture of Annalea..I use to babysit her when she was 2 and her dad was in sem...I have some darling pictures of her and a beautiful pillow her mom made me with my name embroidered on it "Hulla" as Annalea use to call me. Please send her greetings from me, kind of a small world. Your children are as beautiful as you and Mike, on the inside and out I am sure! Hope to see you out East sometime soon. Lots of love and greetings from CT!