Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sometimes i can't help myself

i just think these girls are so stinking cute. it's not so much that they are cute outwardly. it's greta making train tickets to new hampshire out of toilet paper and asking me if i'm the conductor (which doesn't sound much at all like conductor, but we know what she means). and calla learning how to blow kisses (which really she is slapping her hand on her open mouth, but i know what she is doing) and waving hello anytime she hears someone say the word hello. these girls kill me. and watching them start to play together more, i love it. sometimes i can't help but just start to smile & giggle because they are who they are. different from each other, yet each so great. i know i already posted similar versions of these pictures, but they are too cute not to share...and if for no one else, then for me to enjoy looking at them & getting a good smile.

greta- age 3

calla- almost 1

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Melissa said...

AUGGHHHHHH they are so cute!! No surprise, look at their hot momma! ;)