Tuesday, April 8, 2008

busy, busy bees

i know it has been a month since my last post...how did that much time go by already!?!?! we have been quite the busy people these past several weeks. ever since calla's birthday it seems we just keep going (insert energizer bunny...going & going & going & going...), but i have to say that it's all been pretty stinking fun!

happy birthday calla! (at our party in oregon)

having a small cake celebration in california...with the cute shirt from carolyn...thanks carolyn!

march 13th brough a visit from annalea, which was fun all around. it was right in the midst of mike studying for finals and annalea was awesome at making that time enjoyable and helping me run the errands i had been putting off for far too long! and our girls love annalea...they are getting spoiled seeing her so often.

now if we'd only taken a picture outside of the car!

annalea headed home on the 17th and paul joined us on the 18th. greta was thrilled to see uncle paul and calla quickly caught on to what a fun uncle he is. before paul's arrival greta had a laundry list of things they needed to do, "garden, go to the libraray, go to the toy store, go to the park..." and i'm pretty sure paul did all of it with her (and with calla in tow).

greta showing paul how to drive!

paul showing greta how to be a duck? chicken? paul, what were you guys doing?

paul left on the 20th and we headed to california the following day. we drove down for mike's cousin peter's wedding and stayed for easter with the extended family. greta of course was thrilled to be with her cousin maja & it's wonderful seeing them pick right back up where they left off...just sad saying good bye thinking they won't see each other the next day in chicago. overall it was a great time, just too quick! we also snuck in a visit with inger, joel, tyler & elin...it had been 3 years since i'd seen inger...way too long!

beth & krysta teaching maja and greta how to get down
a decent family shot...it's so hard to get everyone looking and smiling!

calla learned how to stand (and i think this might be my favorite picture of her...she looks so sweet)

the girls opening their easter egg hunt finds...look at the cute baskets...good work grandma j!

we got a good goofy family shot!

"belly boppers"- this is a game mike & beth played growing up and it's hilarious...i think every kid should play this game

we finished off mike's spring break with some visits to portland and then mindi arrived on april 3rd and we also had a fabulous time! we went shopping, hit up vineyards, she entertained the girls and won their hearts (mom, i want mindi to get me out of the car)...another missed friend around here. the saddest part is that we didn't take one picture together or with the girls...next time mindi, next time!

ingrid arrives tomorrow with kaia and lola for a quick trip (which greta already has mapped out our plans, including the "outside park" - not sure what the "inside park" is - and the toy store...maybe that is what she considers the inside park since we go there to play (best toy store ever) and not buy), then a birthday party this weekend for one of greta's friends in town...it is a busy season around here.

sometimes i wonder if this is just what life is...busy? and other times i think it's just seasons because lord knows there were times this winter when it felt like we were hardly doing anything (and hardly knowing anyone...which i'm realizing just changes in time). but we are thankful & enjoy the busy times. mike has a much better schedule this term, which means more time as a family, which we have needed. today we went to the park after dinner...we're headed for 70s this weekend so you know we'll be out enjoying it!

here are some other shots of life around here...

greta and jakob carlson...we went to meet jake's new sister camilla

baby camilla (because everyone loves to see a picture of a new baby)

our little helper...someone has discovered the dishwasher

greta tending to the garden (her new favorite hobby)

all that activity makes for two tired girls!

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