Monday, June 8, 2009

too many ideas, not enough time

lately my craftiness is starting to get the best of me. as in- all i want to do is craft projects. i just finished an apron for a friend & now i have a laundry list of other things all vying for my attention! where to begin? i need to finish mike's father's day gift & i'm working on fixing up the girl's upstairs table & chairs. i think the fact the table top gave greta a giant splinter under her fingernail (ouch!) was a pretty good indicator that the table is not okay in it's current form. (i'll take some before & after shots).

but here is the problem- i also want to do this, and this, and i'd love to try to recreate anything from here, and i have several ideas (and fabric to use) for skirts for the girls. mike has 4, yes you read that right- FOUR - days left of school and then it's summer break! well, not really since i still have to work and he will be working, but it's going to feel so leisurely in comparison to life with him in school (just picture me with the girls 24/7 and that is basically life with mike in school). and i hope that during this break he finds a full time job that wants to hire him when he's done in december. and i also hope that i can use my free time to enjoy some summer cocktails & crafty nights. the fact that there will be an extra set of hands with the girls (and with chores- oh how i look forward to not doing every single load of laundry for the summer!) already has me relaxed and revving to go...craft/organization/beautification projects- i'm coming!


Sarah said...

Oh man, I LOVE that Katie Did Journal. She is awesome!

Anonymous said...

i wish i had your energy my friend. the things you want to do look fun. and that Katie did does have some great ideas. i should make playdoh at home & that gak fun! by the way, i'll drink with you this summer. call me up, i'll get you a cocktail! -Anna C.:)