Sunday, November 1, 2009

for the love of the game

we have quite a bit of sports talk around our house lately. greta discovered baseball this summer & loved spending many an afternoon/evening playing with dad in the backyard...and with mom & calla...but it was really about greta & dad. it also helps that she has a yankee loving, world series watching dad so she is fully engaged in watching sports on tv now, too. this love is not only for baseball, it's for football, or really any sport that she can watch. the best part for me (the non-sports lover) are the things the girls say.

here are my favorites:

greta- dad, which team are you yanking for? (yes- yanking. not rooting, but yanking- i think this proves her dad is a true yankee lover)

calla- dad, do you want to watch some golfball with me? a better example of this is me telling calla it's time for bed & her replying with- um, i need to watch a little golfball with my daddy.

they base the teams they are rooting, excuse me, i mean yanking for, based on the name. for example- greta was yanking for the angels over the yankees because she liked the name better. now she is yanking for the yankees because the phillies does not sound very good. and yesterday in football is was the ducks over the trojans because- the trojans is a crazy name!

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