Thursday, March 4, 2010

yellow tooth

the girls have developed this habit of waking up together and climbing in bed with us in the morning. it's their "wake up" call to mom & dad (usually by 7am every morning). a few days ago we were in this morning routine and greta suddenly said, "mom- you have a yellow tooth. dad, look, mom has a yellow tooth!" she proceeded to point to my canine and said, "see, it's yellow." looks like all my coffee drinking is catching up with me. time to break out the crest white strips. nothing like a 5 year old to tell it how it is!


Sarah said...

Ha! I love when kids point out and say things that normally you wouldn't tell someone. I remember when I had acne as a teenager and this little girl asked what all the things on my face were. Thanks. :)

McCreless said...

oh greta- silly girl. Whatever Sar- keep drinking the coffee! Love ya!