Tuesday, May 4, 2010

praying for our bodies...

yes, it's another blog entry about praying, but this is too good to not share.

tonight mike was praying with the girls while he put them to bed and calla starting praying for their bodies.

thank you, Jesus for my body.
thank you for mom's body.
thank you for greta's body.
thank you for daddy's body.
thank you for dad's long tail.

i don't think you need me to explain what the "tail" is.


while i'm sharing callaisms, i don't want to forget these two:
1) you bird-ed (her version of "you burped")
2) while singing "grand ole flag" (yes, we are very patriotic around here these days), instead of singing "it's a high flying flag" she sings, "it's a highhhh-ing flag".

i know these pale in comparison to praying for a "tail" but i don't want to forget them.

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McCreless said...

I have tears streming down my face- OH MY GOODNESS!!!