Thursday, December 20, 2007

fun with aunt beth

beth came to visit this past weekend. she flew in thursday night (on a blue plane, greta was sure to ask, "what color was your plane?" first thing. do you think she flies much?) and flew out monday morning. we spent friday in corvallis showing her around our (cute) town, saturday at the beach and with carolyn for dinner, then sunday after church we were off to portland to see santa & enjoying the city a bit. we loved our time with beth and at one point greta said, "mommy, i'm going to call you aunt beth." she sure does love her. here are some pictures from our time...really, they are all from the beach (it was a gorgeous break in the rain we had!). it was fun for me to head to the coast, especially since we spent time in newport, which is where i went every year growing up...and now i'm sharing it with my's neat when it happens like that. are the pictures!

a few pictures of greta and beth running around barefoot at the beach

greta's footprints in the sand

greta running from the waves

beth, mike & greta at seal rock (awesome beach, i'd never been there)

a little snuggle time with aunt beth before she leaves

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