Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thanksgiving...a little bit late!

i know, i's taken FAR too long to get these pictures up, but in the past week we have suffered three colds, one fever, one bad back, two finals...and let's just say that our bags are yet to be unpacked! it's hard getting settled during finals week. mike's last final is tomorrow night & then maybe we will get ourselves into a's yet to happen since we've moved here. anyway, here are the pictures from our trip to new hampshire. we had the best time being with everyone and it was great seeing greta & maja pick back up right where they left off...they did not skip a beat. and calla was giddy over linnea. calla is crawling all over & picking herself up on things and she wanted linnea to be doing it right along with next year they too will be running around together.
it was a wonderful time, and sad to say our good byes. we miss the friendships for our girls & also for us. we just miss them all. are the pictures of our week. it was a good one. scott thinks all the fun happened after the dads left...the first four are from the time with dads...the rest are after. the question remains, was more fun had w/o dads?

they did this on their own...on the way to see great papa j

art projects are always a good way to pass time...and fun too!

great papa j had the coolest toy

greta getting a close up of maja

making thanksgiving place cards (they were made after thanksgiving, so they are for next year!)

grandma j showing greta & maja how to make a gingerbread house

the finished product...greta put so much frosting on this side that it collapsed

calla trying so hard to get linnea to play with her

the girls watching "the singing movie" (aka- disney princess sing-a-long songs, which i highly recommend for any 3 or soon-to-be 3 year old's quite the hit)

grandma & papa j with their broad of granddaughters...what are the chances it would be all girls?


simplicity said...

My favorite picture is the one where greta is laying on maja. SO Beautiful. Those girls are the best of friends/cousins.

Mindi said...

Oh my goodness...looks like tons of fun.

Orrange said...

hey Sarah,
Lisa told me about your blog. It's fun to see pics of your girls.. my gosh they are so big. I hope you guys get some time to relax as a family after finals are over.
take care, courtney

Anonymous said...

Sarah! I read your comment on my blog. I can't believe we live so close! Email me:
Let's get together!

Sarah, Eric and Alexander said...

Sorry we missed you when you were out East. Alexander had a cold and was not himself anyway. I did see a few other pictures at the cocoa party last weekend. By the way, Bev is wondering about her odds as well, four grandsons! Hope all is well on the other side.

condapfour said...

Sarah- And a good time was had by all. Also...we have Greta's necklace. We will send it in your Christmas card (don't expect it any time soon, as I have not even started it!)