Monday, August 25, 2008

calla the klepto

last week i was getting things organized when i noticed a new (but very used) doll in our house. i figured greta's friend had left it when she was over playing at our house. i asked greta about it. the conversation went as follows:

me- "greta, is this emma's doll?"
greta- "no."
me- "who's doll is it?"
greta- "it's the toy stores."
me- "you mean you took it from the toy store?"
greta- "no, CALLA took it from the toy store."
me- "you can't take things from the store, you buy things from the store."
greta- "silly calla."

so here i am imagining calla just walking out of the store with one of the display/play dolls in tow, assuming that now greta thinks it's okay to take things. turns out that my dad had taken the girls to the toy store and was so caught up in the fact that greta had taken money from us (she took money from our change bin-which she then would not use b/c she felt guilty and quickly returned it to it's rightful place when she got home) that he didn't notice that calla walked out of the store with a "new" doll (when i asked my dad about it he laughed and said, "i thought the doll was hers!"). in the end we returned the doll to the toy store and i asked that they give a little "lecture" to calla about why we do not steal (a lecture that was really meant for greta to hear). hopefully this is it for the girls. i think at least greta learned that it's wrong to take things. it's like the time i stole a piece of gum and my mom made me return it to the store. lesson learned!


Sarah said...

Oh my word. You have the funniest stories about what these girls do! I love it!

Ann-Marie said...

When I was old enough to know better, I snagged a peanut from a giant barrel of them at the grocery story. My mother was mortified.

It was a peanut.

Angie said...

Ann-Marie, I stole a peanut from the farmer's market once too!

Good parenting Sarah, I bet Calla got a lot out of the lecture:)