Thursday, September 11, 2008

our summer at a glance- Part 1

we started the summer the day after mike finished his first year of grad school. we hopped on a plane and were off to minnesota for a wedding in wisconsin (brian & "big" greta), a trip in the middle to chicago & a wedding on the other end (ben & emily). we then spent some time at home, hanging out with friends and making the most of what's around us. then back to pilgrim pines to spend more time with family...the rest will come later when we download our remaining photos! :) this is just a glimpse of all of's hard to get a full summer into one blog update!

the growing applequist & johnson families

cousins reunited at last!

good friends sneaking in a little time together...

bathing beauties already?

couldn't be cuter!

are we allowed to set them up already? (calla & emmett mckernan)
calla on the ride back...we made it all the way to the car, then she woke up!

calla's first pigtails

from the back.

greta showing off her "ballet" moves

happy birthday carolyn (greta, carolyn & jakob carlson)

a baby shower for amy...congrat on new baby holly!
another move...if we move again before mike is out of school i think i might go crazy

we've had lots of lazy backyard days with friends

birthday parties

new hampshire with grandma j

lovin' the pilgrim pines lake

our true water baby...calla could not get enough

aunt beth turned greta into fancy nancy!

more time with greta's favorite cousin (no offense linnea!)

mike snuck a mountain climb into the summer too (i wish there were some pictures of him, he climbed the tallest of the sisters mountains).

that is the first half of our summer (we get a long one-mike doesn't start school until sept. 29th)...the rest we've yet to download from our camera. missing from the photos above are our 4th of july trip to maggie's cabin just outside mt. rainer. we had a fabulous time with maggie, her future husband brian & her mom. also missing is the trip i took with carolyn poterek and the girls to cascades camp to stay with becky morhweis (poterek). the girls loved playing together and it was a fabulous get-away.


Sarah said...

I LOVE COUSINS!!! Glad that we could see you guys this summer when you were in Chicago. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

alison said...

Yes... we can set them up. Emmett has been waiting for Calla to call him. He misses her... and Greta. He does actually prefer older women.