Monday, March 23, 2009

cee-cee and sas-see

for the past several months calla has been working on her vocabulary.  it broadens daily, but a few words have stayed the same: cee-cee and sas-see.  when it's time for a nap, for bed, for comfort - calla is quick to say her two favorite words: cee-cee and sas-see, translated to blankie & paci (pacifier).  it makes me wonder if that is what she hears us say.  when we say, "calla, time for bed- let's get blankie & paci" does she really hear- "calla, time for bed- let's get cee-cee & sas-see"? and now the question is, since those words have stuck- do we start referring to them as cee-cee and sas-see?  i'm thinking yes. 

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