Monday, March 23, 2009

gorgeous hookers

this is really a two part blog post, but i couldn't help the title.

for whatever reason prayer time with greta has become a very sweet and also often hilarious thing.  she always wants to pray for maja & all her friends and family.  then we have nights where we wander into praying for all sorts of things- her bed, her nightgown (she only wears nightgowns- she is girly to the maximum), etc.  one night she was looking around in her room for things to pray for.  "i pray for my pillow, my covers, my books, my door, the walls, the hookers...(anything said after that was not heard by me)"  i'm pretty sure if you're reading this you are thinking what i'm thinking- "the hookers!!?!?!?!"  she had me in stitches with that one and i asked her what the hookers are, to which she quickly responded, "mom, they are the hooks on the walls.  you know, the hookers."  right- how did i never realize those hooks on the walls were in fact hookers?  

and gorgeous is just her new word for everything and it makes her sound so grown up- it kills me.  we were coloring today and she kept stopping me to say, "mom, i love the way you colored the prince's crown- it's gorgeous."  or last night at dinner when scarlet was sitting in her thrown  and greta said, "scarlet- your chair is gorgeous."  everything is gorgeous these days and i love it.  she is a little lady.

i just hope she doesn't put together the two and start referring to her "gorgeous hookers"- i'll save that one for my blog title! 


Ann-Marie said...

So funny! I can't wait to hear what else she comes up with! :)

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