Sunday, September 2, 2007


Lisa & Scott welcomed Linnea Lisa Applequist this morning at 5:50am. Lisa's water broke at 5am, the ambulance arrived about 5:15am...and Linnea arrived after one push at the hospital! We are so thrilled & can't believe that we have all girls in the Johnson family! God must trust us to raise good women! :) I'm sure I'll post pictures later, but the news was too exciting to wait to share! (vital stats: 6 lbs, 12 oz, 18 inches long) linnea was born 3 1/2 weeks early, lisa's due date was 9/26...she's having a baby like i have babies...early! everyone is healthy & doing great.


Sarah, Eric and Alexander said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so excited for all of you and can't wait to meet her. Glad to hear that all are doing well. Thanks for posting the pictures, she sure is a cutie!

ann-marie said...

how fun it was to hear this news first-hand from the happy aunt (even if it meant a lack of hosts at your farewell ;) ).

nice photo placement, by the way. :)