Friday, September 14, 2007

what a day!

here is our day at a glance...we were busy!

Corn Palace- interesting, but what would have been REALLY interesting is if we'd had time to stick around for the International Polka Festival...yes, that is right, we were there right before the action (but long enough for some interesting conversations).

Badlands- amazing. definitely the highlight of the day. if you ever have the chance to go there- go!

Mt. Rushmore- the highlight of visiting Mt. Rushmore is that we can now say we visited Mt. Rushmore (and we have some pictures)

Wall Drug- not even sure what to say- not really sure of the point in this one, if there is supposed to be a point.

we started our day at 11am, gained an hour when we reached mountain time, and ended our day at 10pm. drove from mitchell, sd to gillette, wy, about 468 miles. the girls are still troopers. my favorite comment of the day was when greta said "when i grow up & get bigger i'm going to be a boy!" it was hilarious. she also loved climbing the "mountains" in the badlands.

tomorrow we are heading to yellowstone & will be camping...the new adventures continue, yet it's interesting the moments of deep sadness (even in the midst of the excitement) when we think about what we have left. lots of mixed emotions.

more later...


Ang said...

I'm not sure that there is a point to Wall Drug either except to make you glad that you are just passing through! and maybe to get one of those "where the heck is Wall Drug?" stickers:)

Mindi said...

I will tell you what you! I would like for your vacation to be over and for you to come home. Dangit! I tried calling but your phone was dead or off. Hope things are good. ~Mindi

ann-marie said...

and where are all the pictures of these adventures?