Thursday, September 13, 2007

on the road again

here are bits & pieces of an email i sent out to our family...

we are heading out of minnesota in moments to began our "real" voyage out west.  mike has it all mapped out on an excel spreadsheet (thank you scott!), which we are already beginning our journey a bit late (no surprise), so the times are estimates.  we want to be in portland by monday night, but it might end of being tuesday...we'll see how it goes.

for those of you who haven't heard, i have a job interview a week from today (thurs, 9/20) at OSU in the College of Forestry.  it's a part time office job so it's nothing glamorous, but it would offer full benefits for our family with me only working 20 hrs/wk.  pray for that.  it would be a huge blessing for us & would ease our worries/fears.

we'll update with pictures once we are in portland.

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