Monday, January 7, 2008

i've been tagged!

this is a first for me. i've been tagged by ann-marie to share my resolutions for 2008. so i've been thinking about what i really want to do this year. i had some ideas already, but i've taken a little time to think of more. and i keep thinking & thinking...and talking & here they are, in no particular order...

1. Love God & love others more. nuff said!

2. become a non-snobby foodie. i have this inner foodie in me, but she is often muffled by something like this, "mom, where is my cinderella doll?" or "ma-ma-ma-ma...WAAAHHH (insert 10 month old falling on her face)." so i want to experiment. i want to spend more time in the kitchen. try new things. enjoy it, even if i do have a toddler and baby tugging on my legs. i have realized that i'm a bit of a restaurant snob. i prefer to try new places rather than return to old (not always true, but most of the time). in my love of restaurants, i realize how easy it can be to become snobby about it, hence the desire to be a non-snobby foodie. i just want to enjoy it for myself & share it with others, no attitude!

3. enjoy the arts. go to more movies. read more books. go to concerts, art shows, fesitvals. and expose our girls to the arts, too. you are never too young to appreciate things. okay, i'm not about to take them to see juno (if you haven't yet- see it!), but we can find age appropriate versions of the arts for them.

4. volunteer/give back to the church. i'm not sure what this means, but i want to give more of my time, energy, resources, love, ideas...i want to give to God's Kingdom in new ways. i want to let God use me.

5. knit. i learned how to knit as a young girl from my great grandmother mimi. i put it down for years, picked it up in college & again put it down for the past 4 years. today i picked it up again & it was like returning to an old friend. i loved it. i want to make things for the girls (and that sweater i promised mike years ago), but it appears i'm starting with a sweater for greta's bitty baby. i figure it's small & a good way to learn a sweater. but a sweater for a doll who can't appreciate it? call me crazy...a crazy knitter.

6. work out. i'm starting tomorrow. no really, i am. 5:15pm i'm meeting a friend at the gym. we'll see how it goes. we're talking about training for a half marathon. i figure even if we don't make it to the race, we'll get in shape along the way. and lordie my body needs some help right now. it's not that my clothes don't fit or that i don't like my's that my body jiggles in ways i never knew possible. to the gym i go!

7. go to bed earlier...all of us! we slipped into a bad habit over the holidays. we were going to bed late & in doing this our girls were going to bed late and the real problem in all of this is that mike & i now are missing out on our time at night. so we need to go to bed earlier. (i'm listening to little feet pitter pattering upstairs while i'm writing 10:36pm). friday night i went out with my mom and carolyn. we went to dinner & a 10:20pm movie. i went to bed at 2am & was up with calla at 6:30am...i'm too old for this!

and on that note i'm off to bed...for pete's sake, it's almost 11pm, what am i doing up!?!?!


Orrange said...

hey sarah,
have you ever checked out cooking light? i love the magazine, the food tastes awesome, and there's lots of variety. All I do is follow recipes and it makes me look like a total top class chef!
And good luck at the gym! I don't know if they have it in your area, but I did the TRI for the Cure last year (Danskin has one too) and it was incredible! You can definitely do it and the atmosphere and feeling of accomplishment is unmatched. I'm doing it again this year. And if I can do it, you certainly can!

ann-marie said...

yay, you did it! i wish you great luck in sticking to/achieving your resolutions/goals.

Melissa said...

these are so great, sarah. best wishes to you in this new year as you strive to meet some new goals. sounds like a lot of ours are similar! a tip: try everyday food recipes, which often are really simple and in the magazine version, even have a grocery list you can tear out for each recipe (although if you want to save $, just go to their site online). also, maybe you can utilize our menus on - there are four to choose from at any given time! :)