Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my mom & our crazy life

thank you all for your calls, emails, thoughts & prayers for my mom. she had surgery, is home and doing great. she will be off her feet for a long time (12 weeks), but she is in great spirits, has lots of visitors (if you live in the portland area...VISIT HER!), and seems to be recovering well.

it's been a whirlwind around here for us. we scrambled together childcare for the girls, since my dad had been watching them. a mom from our church has two girls about the same ages as greta & calla. she had offered several times to watch our girls & when this happened i took her up on it. she is watching them on tues & thurs and they go to the lutheran school on mon, wed, fri. it's a good thing...greta LOVES it. when mike picks her up from school she tells him she's not ready to go home yet. and she and em get along great on tues & thurs...everyone is doing well with the changes.

the craziest thing this winter has been the snow. it snows about once a week. this is not the oregon weather i am used to. this was evident when i crashed into a curb yesterday, driving my parents car. everyone is fine and the damage is not too bad, but it was alarming & makes me nervous to drive in the snow! who would have thought we'd move to oregon and have so much snow?

then today we came home to a cold house. the thermastat read 59 degrees...it was really cold. i just paid the bills, so i knew that wasn't the problem. turns out the heat company is supposed to refill the propane tank when it's below 30%. when mike went out to read it, it read 0%. so, we had no heat for a few hours (calla's lips were the slightest shade of blue) but we are warm & cozy now. it just seems like strange things keep happening to us, so we're hoping for a break here!

i know everyone really just wants to see pictures...so enjoy them!

merry christmas...greta is ready to open presents!

calla didn't care as much about opening the presents...she was lounging.

someone found the vaccuum!

greta showing off her new hat & mittens

this is calla's new "funny" face...it's hilarious!

and this is greta's "poop" face
a picture of us...because we really do still exist!

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Orrange said...

happy birthday to mike today!
hope you guys have a great day celebrating!