Friday, January 4, 2008

Pre-School, Already?!?

today we visited our first pre-school. we have been talking about it with greta for a little while. reading a few books about kids going to school, asking her if she would like to go to school & play with kids, etc. with my work schedule & mike's school schedule we have known that we would need to figure out some form of childcare & have hoped that pre-school would be the thing that would work. so...we all got in the car today and drove to a local pre-school/childcare. during the drive over we told greta where we were going and explained things a little. when we pulled into the parking lot she was greeted by the nice playground and the first thing she said when she got out of the car was, "i think i'm going to like it here." we walked around inside and, while we may look one more place, i think we might have found a good fit. they have a childcare for calla so both of the girls can be in the same place for a few hours, 3 days/wk. they do bible lessons, letters, numbers, colors, shapes. i have to admit (and i know most moms feel this way at some point) that i felt like we have done a pretty good job teaching greta at home when they went through the curriculum. letters- she knows almost all of them, numbers- she knows them to 20, colors- yes, shapes- what is she going to learn new here? then i realize the learning comes for the other kids & the random things we don't teach at home.

now i just have to adjust to greta going to school. on one hand i'm ready; on the other hand i'm not at all. how can our baby not be a baby anymore? i know it will be good for her, for me, for all of us, but i just can't believe the time has come. i have these visions of sending her for a week and then deciding we will become hermits. i will home school her & we won't need to deal with formal school or childcare, and i will keep her home & sheltered forever. okay, so those visions don't really exist, but it still is quite an adjustment to send her off. i'll report back when we make the big feels like we're making such a huge jump/commitment. why does sending a kid to pre-school seem like such a huge thing?

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Mindi said...

I don't understand where time goes?? It feels like it was days ago that you called and woke me up telling me that you were on your way to Swedish to have her. Seriously...this can't be happening. But i guess these are the moments you have to trust, trust that God has used you to raise a precious little girl. Just think of all the fun that lies ahead. Give those girls kisses for me!!