Friday, October 10, 2008

Greta Speak

a few nights ago greta started talking in a new sort of language. we will call it greta speak. it's basically a variety of sounds that resemble toddler babble. after a few hours of talking like this this she started saying, "mom, do you know what E means? E, e, e- do you know what that means?" to which i said, "no, what does that mean?" and greta replied with, "it means you can E-eat anything that you want." i think she said this b/c all she wants to eat lately is candy corn!

later that night when she was going to bed she started sounding out K and then said, "kai, kai- do you know what that means?" again, i said "no, i don't know what the means," to which she replied with, "it means- i think the train is coming." (sidenote-we have a train that runs basically in our backyard).

we have no idea where this came from, but i LOVE the vivid imagination and just wonder what else goes on in that head of hers!

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