Wednesday, October 15, 2008

proud mama

yesterday was an exciting day in our house...probably not that exciting to anyone else, but exciting for us none-the-less. after months of "working" on letters with greta (identifying them in books, trying to write them, etc) and her having absolutely no interest (which i will admit was very frustrating to me) she wrote her name! she was coloring on the coffee table with her friend and i wrote out their names on each piece of paper. after a few minutes i asked greta what she was drawing, to which she responded, "i'm writing my name silly!" and there you have it...her name, complete with an E that has about 10 lines coming out of it, an upside down G and all. we've already dated the piece of paper and put it in the baby book...this is one for the records!


Sarah said...

Show us a picture!

Angie said...

Yeah Silly Sarah, what else would she be doing?

Becca said...

I betcha a million bucks her letter writing and sounding and special language are all related...what an exciting time for her and you! On every trip to the library, I pass the "older kids" sections (anything above toddler) and get so excited for the day Ellis can read to himself - it will be a whole new, incredible world.