Thursday, October 23, 2008


on tuesday afternoon calla was napping and greta and i were hanging out in the bathroom. she was putting all of her bath toys in the tub and playing teacher. we were chatting and then all of a sudden it got very quiet. (sidenote-i was sitting next to her, but when i say sitting i mean i was on the toilet so i was not able to see what she was doing). i quickly got up to see greta standing in the tub with two bloody lines on her chin. yes, she got the razor & yes, she tried to shave. she stopped as soon as the blade touched her sweet little face and she realized it did not feel that good. she said she wanted to shave like daddy. it is a very minor injury and today we took off the bandaids (b/c it's picture day) and there are two faint lines. we have talked a lot about how daddies shave b/c they have beards, but that girls/mommies don't need to shave b/c they don't have hair on their faces. i have thought recently we might need to watch out for scissors b/c greta & her friends might want to cut their hair, but never did i think she would try to least not until junior high when she thinks it's cool.

moral of the story- keep your razors very extremely high (or in a cupboard they don't have access to) so your kids can't reach them!


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Ummm...where are the photos!

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Oh! Ouch! Poor Greta.