Friday, October 12, 2007

life in corvallis = road rage

we have now been living in corvallis for two weeks. how do you get used to a small college town coming from chicago? some things are a welcome reprieve from city life (like no traffic). some things are harder to get used to (like no targets within 20 miles). i have found myself having road rage at times because people move so slowly. you can't swerve around cars, drive through yellow lights or use bumpers while parking. you have to drive with respect for other drivers & pedestrians...who would have thought that existed? this forces us to...slow down! it's been a long time since we've done that! there are so few people driving that we can get anywhere we need to be within 15 minutes. the slower pace is nice. the fresh air, natural's really nice to be in a different setting.

the hardest thing about life here is figuring out how life works. mike spends most of his time either in school or studying, and i am still trying to unpack boxes, get settled, and get used to working again. it's hard to figure out a new schedule, while trying to put two kids on a schedule at the same time. it feels like an uphill battle, but i know we'll get there...i remind's only been two weeks.

i accepted a part time job at OSU. i'm a part time office worker with full time benefits. because of this 20 hr/week job we get medical and dental benefits for our family, along with...wait for it...fully paid tuition for mike's school. this is a blessing beyond anything we could have ever imagined. even writing it i can't believe it's true. we are thankful.

we have met a few people here & really like them. we had a playdate with friends of friends & they were all nice, and all happen to attend the only covenant church in town! i think God wants us to go to this church! we are trying it out this week so we'll see how it goes...there are other churches in town, but a covenant church does just feel like home.

we have yet to take a picture since moving in so the next goal (after i finish unpacking) is to take some pictures. maybe i'll take some tomorrow when we try out the farmer's market & have our first dinner guests! and then next week the visitors begin...annalea, we are ready & waiting for you! :)


ann-marie said...

glad to hear you're adjusting. it will take time, but you're right, you will get there.

your job is definitely a gift from god! guess we know who's got your back! ;)

The life of Kaitlin said...

i might be around next weekend love you sar

The Process said...

What a blessing to get free tuition and health insurance! I know it may seem like you still have so far to go to get settled but I am just amazed at what you guys have done so far! Went to Benj and Marit's wedding today and missed you guys!

Kari said...

hey sarah, mike, greta & calla! i definitely miss seeing you guys around this year, but am happy to hear you're adjusting to this exciting new phase of life for all of you! that is so awesome about tuition and insurance.. such a relief for you i'm sure! just wanted to let you know i'm thinking about you!

Sarah, Eric and Alexander said...

We have enjoyed the updates from your blog and from Mike's mom. We hope that you are settling in and adjusting to the West Coast life. Thinking of you from the East Coast and hoping that we can connect over Thanksgiving.

Mindi said...

Don't forget me! I am coming next week!! :) I can't wait to see all of your faces.