Wednesday, October 3, 2007

our trip-part 2

yes, their vests say, "Polk of A" to love the International Polka Festival at the Mitchell Corn Palace!y

our family in the's so cool!

Greta looking for groundhogs in the Badlands

the girls at Wall Drug...quite possibly our biggest waste of time, but at least we got a picture!

At Mt was cold!

Thank you Lisa for letting us use the was awesome!

The bison. As Greta says, "no bears, just bison." These were right next to our campsite.

Calla hanging out in our campsite...the "perfect" baby!

Everyone in the tent (until I bailed ship with Calla to sleep in the car).

At one of the waterfalls in Yellowstone

Old Faithful...look at the rainbow. It really is amazing.

Visiting Kaitlin in Boise at NNU.

i will post about life in corvallis sometime soon (we are all here now & moved into our house), but for now i thought the pictures would be enjoyable. i still haven't mastered blogging, but i haven't had time to master of these days, right?


The Process said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Sarah. You're trip looks like so much fun, although I'm sure there were not so fun moments in there too! : ) Can't wait to hear how things are going in your new home!

Kaitlin said...

hey Sar, I'm really glad to see the pictures. Do you have a picture of Greta and I together? If so can you send it to me? Love you Sar,

ann-marie said...

seeing all of these photos makes me miss you all the more (and want to take my own trip to the western state parks!).

so good to see your smiling faces.