Wednesday, October 3, 2007

our trip- part 1 are pictures from our trip. we have over a hundred, so here is a glimpse of the things we did. i had some trouble uploading, so it's divided into part 1 & 2...enjoy looking. i'm sure we'll update about life in corvallis soon, but it was time for some pictures first.

leaving 5300 n spaulding

yes, our first stop was at a walmart, but we needed baby food & your options are limited when you're on the road!

our first tourist attraction...the Mitchell Corn Palace (can you see us down there?)

Here we the Corn Palace for the International Polka can tell they draw quite a crowd.

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Scot McKnight said...

Hey Sarah ...

We heard you and Mike were moving back to the Pac NW and someday we'll see you out there.

Your favorite professor at NPU.

Make sure you have a cup of Boyd's coffee in Portland for us.