Wednesday, May 13, 2009

back at it!

today was the first day in weeks when greta was greta. she was laughing, giggling, making boats & rainbows and butterflies out of her apple and it was SO fun to have her back! we even made kool-aid playdough tonight and she played with it for hours just cutting shapes, building people, animals, making up stories- it was awesome. aunt kaitlin sat with both the girls and played with them. calla even got into it (she is still pretty sick so it was nice to see her enjoying herself a bit). we made rice krispie treats, had a pillow fight & played belly bumpers. calla is still really sick, but she had a bit of life in her. mike took calla to the doctor today who prescribed anti-nausea meds to try to help her get healthy. she is still so weak & can't seem to keep anything in her. the only good part is that she wants to cuddle and i love when she crawls into my lap and falls asleep while i'm holding her. nothing beats that & those are the moments when i think that they will not be little forever. i have to savor every moment of it. i'm so thankful for a little bit more health today. and tomorrow we'll have a little bit more...we're getting there!

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