Friday, May 29, 2009

what dat noise?

calla has been using this phrase for the past few months. anything & everything she hears she asks, "what dat noise?" sometimes it's the train coming, a siren, honking...but sometimes we don't even know what she is hearing because whatever it is, it seems it's audible only to her. a toddler's curiosity is such an amazing thing.

tonight over dinner she took her token "what dat noise" phrase and changed it up on us. greta was telling me a story about gymnastics and how after class (mike took both the girls so i could finish getting dinner ready) she saw "a guy with green hair and no shirt on- so you could see his ovals." apparently this is her word for nipples, and when we all started laughing calla said her new "what dat noise" phrase - "what you talk-a-ing about?" then we started laughing at her & it was all downhill (or uphill, depending on how you feel about uncontrollable laughter) from there. mike & calla started imitating each other, saying "what you talk-a-ing about" over & over, and then greta asked, "why are you guys argu-u-ing?" it was one of those nights where i wanted dinner to last forever. we frosted cupcakes after dinner for no reason other than sometimes you just need a cupcake with sprinkles and princess graham crackers on top. it was just one of those nights- love it!

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Ann-Marie said...

Such a cute story. I can't believe Calla is already putting sentences together. Amazing. Uncontrollable laughter . . . wonderful for the soul!

Miss you!