Tuesday, May 12, 2009

greta's first dentist appointment

today greta had her first dentist appointment. i didn't even think we would make it to the appointment b/c of the week we've had (i'll get to that), but she made a quick recovery and we made it! let me tell you- she was not a happy camper about the fact we were heading to the dentist. huge tears filled her eyes and she was so sad as i said it was time to go. i didn't talk much about beforehand, since the one time i did mention it she said, "scaredy cat!", which i'm pretty sure means she was scared. we went today and read books while we waited and then walked back to have the BEST experience! the dental hygienist was a rock star! she knew just how to work with kids & greta was laughing and smiling the entire time. even when they told her she has two cavities (for real- how much did i feel like a bad mom when i heard that one) she was unfazed. she thought the whole thing was fabulous and doesn't think going back for her cavities is a big deal- i will just need to brace myself for that one!

now- the last week. what a crazy one! my mom was admitted to the hospital 10 days ago for an infected colon. turns out it spread to 100 feet of her large intestines and the dr explained it to her as if she had burned all the skin off her arms and needed to let it heal - that is the type of healing her colon/large intestines needed to to. she was in the hospital for 4 days, released, home for two days and is now back in the hospital for bacterial pneumonia and severe asthma. it's scary, but it appears she is doing okay and will be released sometime soon.

ps- the night after my mom was admitted my purse was stolen out of our car. i don't even want to go into details, but it's a big, huge, inconvenient mess! the worst part is of course the camera with all the pictures. bummer.

in the midst of all of this the girls got the worst flu EVER!!! we've had throwing up/diarrhea for the last week and i'm hoping, praying, crossing my fingers, disinfecting the ENTIRE house in hopes that we can be done with this. it feels like i have washed every towel & clothing item we own b/c of the girls throwing up on everything and i just want some health to return. greta missed a birthday party that was planned around her being there. her friend asked her mom "couldn't greta just come to the party with a bucket?" (about the cutest thing ever!) greta had the biggest crocodile tears when i told her she couldn't go to the party. i realized at that moment that i can handle a lot when it comes to me and our crazy life, but when things happen to my kids i get mad. it just doesn't seem fair. why greta? i know it's life, but it was the hardest part of the week for me- watching her be so sad. and calla has been furious with us & bursts into tears b/c all she wants to do is a drink a BIG huge glass of gatorade, but we have to ration it out so she doesn't throw it all up. again- so sad.

in all of it, we've been able to have some fun & i sit and think how thankful i am for our family and that we can take care of each other. i realize so often how good we have it, doesn't mean life is easy or fair, but it's good. for this i'm very thankful. as my friend steph reminded me this past week- count your blessings, even when things are bad. it's so true.

okay- off to cut some fabric for an apron. one of these days i'll post pictures of some of my projects, but this blog has become more of our place to keep track of things so we can remember them down the road. our online journal, as measly as it might be, imagine if we didn't have it. the girls have their baby books, but i like thinking there is something beyond that. now i should just get better at keeping this up!!!

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