Sunday, May 17, 2009

what's your name?

recently we noticed that when calla was asked her name, her response was "two". i decided to teach her the difference between her age & name. so i'd say- calla, how old are you, "two" she would say. then i'd ask her name & she'd say "two" again. i explained the difference- you are two years old but your name is calla. can you say calla? can you say calla johnson? she would repeat it all after me and i'd ask her the questions again.

me- calla, how old are you?
calla- two
me- calla, what's your name?
calla- greta's sister.

hilarious & of course we laughed, which made her laugh, which made it take weeks to get her to actually say her name. she will still say her name is greta's sister if she wants to get a good laugh out of us. it's amazing that at two she is smart enough to know she is putting on a good show. and also very telling that she refers to herself as greta's sister- even though she is the bully (we often hear greta wimpering b/c calla is literally attacking her), she still idolizes her big sister.


Sarah said...

My little sister was the bully too! She would take toys from me and I would just go get another one until my mom forced me to stand up for myself and take them back!

McCreless said...

Okay really I miss Calla- can I come steal her? hahahah Give her kisses!